The NEW Michigan Millionaire Raffle on sale

That’s right folks ! The latest raffle is on sale right now! Whats better then a $20 chance to win a million bucks? Well multiple reasons now! With the new raffle here’s what to expect, straight from

The Lottery’s Millionaire Raffle is back!  A limited number of tickets, only 600,000, will be sold at all Lottery terminals across Michigan beginning May 5, 2008.  Each ticket sold will contain a unique six-digit number from 000001 to 600000.  In a single drawing scheduled for no earlier than June 23, 2008, 6,018 raffle tickets will be randomly selected to win the following great prizes:

Prize Odds of Winning
6 grand prizes of $1,000,000 each (annuitized over 20 years*) 1:100,000
12 prizes of $100,000 each 1:50,000
2000 prizes of $500 each 1:300
4000 prizes of $100 each 1:150

Overall: 1:100

That’s the just of it! A great chance to win at least a 100 bucks!! Well not a great chance, but hey! The more the merrier. I picked up the discounted ticket for a mere 18 bucks which led way to an unexpected 2 bucks to play towards the classic and mega millions! This thing keeps on giving! OF course I got the fantasy 5 since I had the extra 2 bucks.



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