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March 29, 2009

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First Sunday of the…last week of the month

March 29, 2009

Nothing much to really comment about the title, but welcome to my current blog! I’m still kicking out the Fantasy . I have a few more money saving ideas to throw out this week so i’ll get to those. I’ve also been playing some Classic and Mega millions more. Will I start up with the Daily 3’s? Quite possibly! But it’s a money trap as far as I’m aware. Who knows, I’m not one to call anything lottery a money trap until I give er a good year long shot!

The totals so far for the Fantasy 5 project is:

Spent: $87
Won: $29
Total: -58

Fantasy 5 Project – March 25th

March 25, 2009

I still looking for another winning ticket for fantasy 5! Things keep going down and down with the lottery. I’m trying to build up my twitter audience from the current…0. my name on there is lottoman so if your on twitter please join up! Give me that lotto inspiration. The current is:

Spent: 84
Won: 29
Total: -55

Fantasy 5 Project – March 22nd

March 22, 2009

Some small 1 winners here and there happen. I’m still hoping to find that big winning ticket someday and I’m thinking the times will happen this year during the whole ordeal.Here are the stats so far:

Total Spent: 80

Total Won: 29

Total: 51

As you can see, the total won is a lotmore then anybody else would think. I know this since near everybody that I’ve talked to says taht I wouldn’t win more then a buck if I’m lucky. I’m not breaking even right now, but I’m sure making more then a buck. 29 of them to be exact

Fantasy 5 Project – March 9th

March 9, 2009

Another day and still another loss. I’m counting down until this Friday when I’ll be picking up my Lucky 7’s Raffle ticket. As a  moment to comemorate, I’ll also be picking up 7 Fantasy 5 tickets! Only 1 will count for my goal, and that 1 will be the winning one of course! Rather, it’ll be the first one picked. So that’s something special I’ll be doing this friday, so the results will be later on that night to show off. The unlucky 13 date combined with the allure of the Lucky number 7 and voila!!

So far, I didn’t get the new drawing numbers fr todays date, so as of March 8th

Total Spent $67

Total Won: $26

Total: -$41

Fantsay 5 Project – March 8th

March 8, 2009

Another day has gone by and it looks like a big flood like state is in front of my house. Luckily the basement hasn’t flooded like last time and my downstairs office is nice and dry. The weather forecast predicted rainy during the day and flash flooding towards the night time. Which means while I was out and about I had to pick up my Fantasy 5 ticket at a Meijer. I’ve had to do this a few times when I was way to busy to go to my favorite place and I’ll probably be doing it many times throughout the year. I’ve yet to win anything when I bought a ticket from Meijer or any other store that wasn’t my usual. I have however won all $26 from my favorite hot spot.

So I’m not exactly thrilled when I get my tickets there, but I know I have stuff going on during the day and I believe those guys are the one’s that should get the benefits if I win the jackpot. There’s a small sense of failure when you have to go to a customer service spot to get your lottery ticket. The lady looks at you like you have nothing better to do, and the people behind you are pissed off that they want to return their crap faster.

Another day goes on and I’m still on my Fantasy 5 streak.

Total Spent: $66

Total Won: $26

Total: -$40

Fantasy 5 Project – March 7th

March 7, 2009

Early in the morning checking my lottery tickets. Hoping that the lottery gods would shine down on me and give me the pity 12 million after not winning the 216 million from Tuesday. Well, that didn’t pan out and neither did the Fantasy 5 for Friday. I was excited about the $10 jackpot from from Fantasy 5 the other day and it’s bringing up the total average of money won. A few more days like that and I’ll be able to prove that playing the Fantasy 5 is indeed profitable. Until then here are the updates

Total Spent

Total Spent: $65

Total Won: $26

Total profit: -$3